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This page is for recent butterfly sightings in the BC Upper Thames Branch area, to show what's on
the wing now. Please also remember to send all your records to Jim Asher, UTB Records Officer.

The first reported sighting of each butterfly species is shown in bold red text.


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Saturday 27th May - Lardon Chase, Berks
Sunday 28th May - Pitstone Quarry, Bucks
Tuesday 30th May - Finemere Wood, Bucks

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Note to contributors: if possible, please include an OS grid reference with your reports.
If you are submitting photographs, a maximum of three per report please. David

~ 25th May 2017 ~

Richard Wheeler sent these sightings: "I visited Yoesden Bank, Bucks (SU789980) for an hour first thing this morning (25th May). The weather was fine and sunny, c.20°C. Plenty of butterflies about, including: 5 Dingy Skipper, 3 Small Heath, 12 Common Blue (1F), 17 Adonis Blue (1F), 3 Brimstone, 7 Small Blue, 1 Large White, 1 Green Hairstreak. Plenty of moths about too, including Burnet Companion."

Common Blue, Yoesden Bank, 25-May-2017 (© Richard Wheeler)
Small Heath, Yoesden Bank, 25-May-2017 (© Richard Wheeler)
Common Blue
Photo © Richard Wheeler
Small Heath
Photo © Richard Wheeler

Brian Jessop sent this news: "On 24th May I recorded 3 Small Blues at SP904119 which is on the Wendover Canal, Bucks between the A41 bypass bridge and the Drayton Beauchamp bridge. Time was 3.00 to 3.20pm. On 25th May I went back at 10.25 till 10.55am and saw 11 Small Blues (probably more). The weather was ideal, sunny and no wind. They are definitely breeding there. Have seen them there for the last three to four years, although in smaller numbers. Other species seen were Dingy Skipper, Brimstone, Orange-tip, Common Blue and Small White."

David Gantzel sent these sightings: "Seen on 25th May at Hazlemere, Bucks : Holly Blue. Seen at Hughenden Valley, Bucks : male Orange-tip. Seen at Prestwood Nature Reserve, Bucks : six male Brimstone, two Holly Blue, one Speckled Wood, one Green-veined White."

Robert Norris sent this news: "A brief look in Stoke Park Wood, Bucks (SP825490) this lunchtime (24th May) turned up 2 Wood Whites, 5 Orange-tips, a Large White, a Red Admiral and a probable Painted Lady."

Stephen Jones sent these sightings: "24th May, 15.45-16.45 hrs, Bradenham Estate, Bucks: 1 Orange-tip, 1 Peacock. Weather was hot and sunny (23°C) so I had been expecting to see more !"

Nicholl Williams sent this news: "I went back to Spade Oak, Marlow, Bucks today (23rd May) after work. There is a large area which was cleared 18 months ago, and is now growing back. I think that it would be good for someone serious to look at it. I called there at 17.30 and saw my first Small Copper of the year, 1 Brimstone, masses of Common Blues and Orange-tips. 2 Peacocks and some dragonflies."

Small Copper, Spade Oak, 23-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Common Blue, Spade Oak, 23-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Small Copper
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Common Blue
Photo © Nicholl Williams

~ 23rd May 2017 ~

John Holdbrook sent these sightings: "On 22nd May I went to the northern part of the Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, Oxon. Along the bottom of the hill I saw numerous Common Blues, up to 10 Brimstones and Brown Argus, 3 Adonis Blues, 3 Dingy Skippers, 2 Small Coppers and a Small Heath. Also 2 moths: a Burnet Companion and a Common Carpet."

Cliff Buckton sent this news: "I saw a Painted Lady in our Denham, Bucks garden (TQ027870) today (22nd May)."

Painted Lady, Denham, 22-May-2017 (© Cliff Buckton)
Painted Lady
Photo © Cliff Buckton

David Gower sent these sightings: "Between Aldbury Nowers and Income Hole, Bucks on 21st May I came across 8 x Common Blue, 5 x Dingy Skipper, 3 x male Brimstone. Down into Incombe Hole were 1 x Duke of Burgundy, 1 x Large White, 3 x male Brimstone, 2 x Grizzled Skipper, 5 x Common Blue, 1 x Small Heath. Around Ivinghoe Beacon were 4 x Duke of Burgundy (all seen between 3.30 to 4.30pm), 3 x Peacock, 17 x Brimstone (10 Male), 8 x Dingy Skipper, 1 x Small Tortoiseshell, 1 x Grizzled Skipper, 5 x Brown Argus, 3 x Green Hairstreak, 2 x Common Blue, 1 x Red Admiral, 6 x Small Heath, 1 x male Orange-tip, 1 x Painted Lady. Lastly at Steps Hill 1 x male Orange-tip, 1 x Red Admiral, 1 x female Brimstone, 1 x Green Hairstreak."

~ 21st May 2017 ~

Gerry & Penny Kendall sent this report of the field trip to Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon, on 21st May: "A dozen people took part in the traditional search for Spring butterflies on a day with reasonable temperatures and good sunny spells. We saw our main target species, Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Green Hairstreak and Small Blue, and nine other species. Many thanks to all who participated."

Maureen Cross sent these sightings : "I saw 14 Adonis Blues at the Holies, Streatley, Berks on 21st May, three of which were females. Other butterflies seen were Common Blue, Small Copper, Brimstone, Small Heath, Dingy Skipper, Speckled Wood, Small White and Red Admiral. Moths seen were Burnet Companion and Mother Shipton."

Nicholl Williams sent this news : "I have taken several walks over the last few days near the Spade Oak Nature Reserve, Marlow, Bucks, which has been cleared last and now is growing back. Previously I have seen several Brimstones, which were not seen today. Today (20th May) I saw my first Painted Lady of the season between showers, lots of Common Blues (which seem to have replaced the Holly Blues), many Orange-tips and Green-veined Whites."

Common Blue, Marlow, 20-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Orange-tip, Marlow, 20-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
PaintedLady, Marlow, 20-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Common Blue
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Painted Lady
Photo © Nicholl Williams

Dennis Dell sent this report of the field trip to Pitstone Hill and Aldbury Nowers, Bucks, on 20th May: "Seven of us, three of whom were Herts section members, met in inclement weather this morning. We set off at 11.15 in windy and cloudy conditions, and saw no butterflies for about half an hour. The sun then appeared, accompanied by the butterflies. A particular stretch along the wire fence above the quarry yielded 20 Green Hairstreaks. This is a hotspot for this species, where Dave Wilton and I saw 40 about 8 years ago. All sightings as follows: Green Hairstreak (22), Dingy Skipper (7), Small Heath (8), Grizzled Skipper (1), Brown Argus (3), Red Admiral (1), Common Blue (1), Small Blue (1). The latter two species were seen at Aldbury Nowers. The sun disappeared at 1 pm, the rain came down and we were soaked, but went home happy."

~ 14th May 2017 ~

Robin Carr sent this report of the field trip to Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks on 14th May: "9 people saw the following butterflies: Duke of Burgundy 14, Brown Argus 3, Large White 1, Grizzled Skipper 3, Holly Blue 2, Green Hairstreak 3, Small Heath 1, Dingy Skipper 9, Brimstone 10, Orange-tip 3, Green-veined White 1, Red Admiral 1."

Nick Board sent this news : "As the sun put in an appearance on 13th May, I visited a known Wood White site south of Wicken Wood, Bucks. There were many Orange-tips on the wing, particularly females, and I had to search for a long time before I saw a Wood White in flight. With the sun disappearing under cloud cover I was then only able to make one further sighting of an individual roosting. I think it will need a further week of warm weather before we get to see greater numbers in North Bucks."

Orange-tip, N Bucks, 13-May-2017 (© Nick Board)
Wood White, N Bucks, 13-May-2017 (© Nick Board)
Photo © Nick Board
Wood White
Photo © Nick Board

This was received from Peter Cuss : "Had a walk in the field above Bottom Farm near Mapledurham, Oxon (SU670779), on 13th May. Saw Dingy Skipper (20) and Common Blue (15). "

Common Blues, Mapledurham, 13-May-2017 (© Peter Cuss)
Common Blues
Photo © Peter Cuss

Stephen Jones sent these sightings : "13th May, 15.45-16.45 hrs, Bradenham, Bucks : 2 Green Hairstreak, 2 Orange-tip, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Brimstone and 2 Holly Blue. Weather was sunny, 16°C and a bit blustery."

Andy Hoskins sent these sightings : "Today (13th May) I stopped by Pitstone Quarry, Bucks between 1.45 and 3.15pm, walking the path just inside from the church and along the raised edge of the quarry. The car indicated a temperature of 18°C, but there was a cool breeze and only intermittent spells of sunshine. I saw 7 Dingy Skipper, 1 female Orange-tip, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Green Hairstreak and 1 Small Blue."

Green Hairstreak, Pitstone, 13-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Holly Blue, Pitstone, 13-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Small Blue, Pitstone, 13-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © Andy Hoskins
Holly Blue
Photo © Andy Hoskins
Small Blue
Photo © Andy Hoskins

~ 12th May 2017 ~

John Holdbrook sent these sightings : "On 10th May I went to Bradenham, Bucks. In one and a half hours I saw several Brimstones, a male Orange-tip, a number of Whites (some of which may have been female Orange-tips) and a Holly Blue. Considering the lovely sunny weather I was surprised that I didn’t see more butterflies."

Wendy & Mick Campbell reported the following : "On 10th May we visited the Devil's Punchbowl near Wantage, Oxon (SU3484). The weather was warm and sunny in the sheltered areas but there was quite a cold wind. However we were pleased to record singletons of Red Admiral, Peacock and Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell (7), Small Heath (9), Dingy Skipper (11), Common Blue (6), Brown Argus (6), Green Hairstreak (15, very active!), Small White (4), Green-veined White (5, including a mating pair) and Orange-tip (2). Then at a small site in West Berkshire we managed to find Duke of Burgundy (5), Small Blue (2), Brimstone (2), Peacock (1) and Small Tortoiseshell (2).
On 11th May we decided to check for Wood Whites in Wicken Wood on the Bucks/Northants border (SP7241) and found 3 flying in a sunny ride. One settled just long enough to confirm it was a male. Also seen were Comma (1), Small White (1), Green-veined White (1) and Speckled Wood (3)."

Tony Croft sent this news : "I’ve been monitoring a pair of Orange-tip eggs on one of the Honesty plants in my garden in Thame, Oxon (SP7006) for the last few days, and today (May 11th) came across this larva on a developing seed case."

Orange-tip larva, Thame, 11-May-2017 (© Tony Croft)
Orange-tip larva
Photo © Tony Croft

David Gantzel sent these sightings : "May 10th: male Orange-tip seen at Hazlemere, Bucks, and male Brimstones at Wargrave, Berks and Twyford, Bucks."

Karen Saxl sent this news : "Tales from the Sustrans Route that was the railway line from Didcot to Upton, Oxon. Most of the last week it has been a bit too cold to actually see any butterflies so had switched to searching for eggs – had some success with Orange-tips and in the last few days I’ve been searching through kidney vetch but haven’t actually found any Small Blue eggs – though I knew it was a bit early anyway. Think people that use the line have become accustomed to the strange woman who spends ages on her knees or half way up embankments staring at plants as people have now stopped asking me what I’m doing … and started asking me if I have seen any butterflies.
However, today (10th May) was a bit warmer – there still weren’t many butterflies around but I went out hoping to see my first Small Blue (as well as well as some Holly Blues) and was rewarded with success – one small adult perched in the grass on the ramps between the Hagbournes. On the egg side I did manage to find a number of newly laid Orange-tip eggs on the few outcrops of garlic mustard I’ve managed to locate … and also found some larvae. There were also a number of Peacock around. I did see a Red Admiral a few weeks ago when I was out taking out a few saplings along the edges of the route."

Andy Hoskins sent these sightings : "Between 12.15 and 13.00 on 10th May (sunny and still, 18°C) I visited Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks, walking just 80 yards or so along the path at the bottom of the hill that runs left from the cattle grid, parallel to the B489. I saw 6 Duke of Burgundy, (including what I think may be an ab. Leucodes), plus 6 male and 1 female Orange-tip, 3 Dingy Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Holly Blue, 8 Brimstone and 4 Green Hairstreak."

Duke Of Burgundy, Ivinghoe Beacon, 10-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Duke Of Burgundy, Ivinghoe Beacon, 10-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Dingy Skipper, Ivinghoe Beacon, 10-May-2017 (© Andy Hoskins)
Duke Of Burgundy
Photo © Andy Hoskins
Duke Of Burgundy
Photo © Andy Hoskins
Dingy Skipper
Photo © Andy Hoskins

Richard Wheeler sent this news : "I spent an hour-and-a-half at Ardley Quarry, Oxon (SP536271) at lunchtime on 10/05/17. Weather was warm and sunny (c.15°C), and butterflies seen included: 9 Brimstone (incl. 1F), 1 pristine Common Blue, 3 Orange-tip, 6 Green Hairstreak, 1 Holly Blue, 3 Peacock, 9 Grizzled Skipper (the most I’ve seen here, distributed all along lineside track from gate at NW end to open area at SE end), and 1 Green-veined White."

Green Hairstreak, Ardley Quarry, 10-May-2017 (© Richard Wheeler)
Grizzled Skipper, Ardley Quarry, 10-May-2017 (© Richard Wheeler)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © Richard Wheeler
Grizzled Skipper
Photo © Richard Wheeler

~ 9th May 2017 ~

Dennis Dell sent these sightings : "Steps Hill, below Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks, 7th May. Conditions: sunny, 17°C, breezy in exposed places; 2 pm until 3.45 pm. On April 23rd, Clive Burrows saw 8 Duke of Burgundy here; two weeks later, I saw only 11. It would seem that the season is taking a long time to get going, probably due to the cool weather recently. They occupied nearly all of the usual hotspots: SP959170 (3), SP959166 (2), SP958162 (4), SP958165 (2, nectaring on Hawthorn). Nearly all were males, looking quite fresh, so I don't think the peak has been reached yet. Other species: Brimstone (15), Orange-tip (7), Dingy Skipper (7), Green Hairstreak (3), Peacock (2)."

Paul Bowyer sent this report of the field trip to Homefield Wood, Bucks (SU814866) on 7th May: "Eight UTB members attended our first field trip of the season. The weather was chilly but promised much better as the clouds started dispersing and patches of blue sky appeared. The first few butterflies we saw were still warming up and provided good opportunities for photography. Amongst these were Green Hairstreak, Speckled Wood, Orange-tip and Green-veined White. As we walked the woodland rides Brimstone, Peacock, Holly Blue, Comma and Large White were added to our species count. By the time we reached the flower meadow the sun was out and it was warm. Dingy Skippers were found as well as a Small Copper, a male Common Blue and the day flying moth Pyrausta aurata."

~ 7th May 2017 ~

David Hastings visited Lardon Chase, Berks (SU586809) on the morning of 7th May and saw his first Dingy Skipper and Small Blue of the year. He also visited Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon (SU550844) from 1pm until 3.30pm, which produced twelve species: Dingy Skipper (6), Grizzled Skipper (4), Holly Blue (3), Green Hairstreak (5), Small Copper (2), Brimstone (at least 20), Orange-tip (8), Large White (1), Red Admiral (1), Comma (1), Peacock (5), and Small Tortoiseshell (2). "After the terrible year that Small Coppers had in 2016, it was good to see a couple today."

Dingy Skipper, Lardon Chase, 07-May-2017 (© David Hastings)
Small Blue, Lardon Chase, 07-May-2017 (© David Hastings)
Small Copper, Aston Upthorpe Downs, 07-May-2017 (© David Hastings)
Dingy Skipper
Photo © David Hastings
Small Blue
Photo © David Hastings
Small Copper
Photo © David Hastings

John Scafe sent these sightings : "I visited Pitstone quarry, Bucks today (7th May) and saw a single Small Blue (photo attached). Also seen were 4 Brimstone, 2 Orange-tips, 5 Holly Blue, 2 Large White, 4 Green Hairstreaks and approx 10 Dingy Skippers."

Small Blue, Pitstone, 07-May-2017 (© John Scafe)
Small Blue
Photo © John Scafe

Peter Cuss sent this news : "My first White-letter Hairstreak larva of the year! Seen on 5th May at Whittles Farm, Oxon (SU672784). Note the tell tale feeding hole in the seed that gave it away."

White-letter Hairstreak larva, Whittles Farm, 05-May-2017 (© Peter Cuss)
White-letter Hairstreak larva
Photo © Peter Cuss

Nicholl Williams sent this news : "Today (5th May) I finished work early and decided to go down to Spade Oak near Marlow, Bucks. There was a little area hidden from the wind and I stayed and took some images of butterflies. I saw a single Comma, several Peacocks, approx 6 Orange-tips and a single Holly Blue."

Brimstone, Spade Oak, 05-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Holly Blue, Spade Oak, 05-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Orange-tip, Spade Oak, 05-May-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Holly Blue
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Photo © Nicholl Williams

Dave Turnbull sent these sightings : "A trip to Pitstone quarry, Bucks on 5th May while the sun was still out produced Green Hairstreaks, Brimstones, Dingy Skippers, Holly Blue and a handful of Small Blues."

~ 4th May 2017 ~

Dave Wilton sent this news : "An hour-long visit to the disused railway cutting west of Westcott, Bucks on 2nd May produced the following ten species before the sky clouded over: Dingy Skipper (11), Grizzled Skipper (7, including a mated pair), Brimstone (2), Large White (1), Green-veined White (3), Orange-tip (3), Green Hairstreak (2), Small Copper (2), Small Tortoiseshell (1) & Peacock (2). Unfortunately the site is deteriorating quite rapidly now thanks to invading hawthorn scrub."

David Hastings visited Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (SU467997) on the morning of 2nd May and saw nine species: Orange-tip (5), Large White (1), Brimstone (6), Green-veined White (5), Holly Blue (3), Peacock (2), Comma (1), Speckled Wood (1) and Small Heath (2). "The Comma was very fresh, so I think it wasn't a hibernator but the result of eggs laid in February or March".

Comma, Dry Sandford Pit, 02-May-2017 (© David Hastings)
Small Heath, Dry Sandford Pit, 02-May-2017 (© David Hastings)
Photo © David Hastings
Small Heath
Photo © David Hastings

~ 1st May 2017 ~

Wendy Wilson sent this news : "At Tetsworth cricket field, Oxon (SP686020) on 25th April, I spotted an unusual sight – eleven Orange-tip eggs on one small flower-head. It was the only Garlic Mustard plant there so the female must have been desperate. As the larvae tend to be cannibalistic, it will be mayhem when they all hatch! Apologies for the rather poor photo, but it does show all eleven eggs."

Orange-tip eggs, Tetsworth, 25-Apr-2017 (© Wendy Wilson)
Orange-tip eggs
Photo © Wendy Wilson

Dominic Mackensie sent these sightings : "A short cycle ride to Frost Folley, Warfield, Berks on 30th April was rewarded with my first Brown Argus of the year as well as a stunning male Orange-tip."

Brown Argus, Warfield, 30-Apr-2017 (© Dominic Mackensie)
Orange-tip, Warfield, 30-Apr-2017 (© Dominic Mackensie)
Brown Argus
Photo © Dominic Mackensie
Photo © Dominic Mackensie

Rikki Harrington sent this news : "On a most unpromising day (overcast, windy, 15 deg C) I found my first Duke of Burgundy of the year today (30th April). It was not on my survey patch, but in the spot I usually find as reliable as any at Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks, down the chalky track that leads off Beacon Road between the left-hand and right-hand bends as you go uphill away from the B489. Grid Ref approx. SP959163. I also had my first Grizzled Skipper (Pitstone Hill, Bucks north side) and three Green Hairstreaks (ditto, but not my first)."

~ 26th April 2017 ~

Clive Burrows sent these sightings : "Eight Duke of Burgundy (including 2 females) and two Grizzled Skippers seen at Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks on 23rd April."

Duke Of Burgundy, Ivinghoe Beacon, 23-Apr-2017 (© Clive Burrows)
Duke Of Burgundy, Ivinghoe Beacon, 23-Apr-2017 (© Clive Burrows)
Duke Of Burgundy
Photo © Clive Burrows
Duke Of Burgundy
Photo © Clive Burrows

Colin Williams sent this news : "On 23rd April in intermittent sunshine whilst walking a new transect route on private land near BBOWT's Homefield Nature Reserve, Bucks I recorded a pristine Small Heath. It was the only butterfly I recorded on the transect! The transect at Homefield produced the usual suspects including good numbers of Orange-tip and a single Holly Blue."

~ 23rd April 2017 ~

David Hastings visited Bagley Wood, Oxon (SP509022) on 22nd April and saw six male Orange-tips, four Green-veined Whites, one Holly Blue, two Peacocks and seven Speckled Woods (6 male, 1 female).

John Lindley sent this news : "Good numbers of butterflies this morning (22nd April) along the Thames between South Stoke and Little Stoke, Oxon. All five of the "regular" Pierids were seen - 20+ Orange-tip (mostly male), 10+ Brimstone (2 female), 4 Green-veined White, 1 Small White (female) and 1 Large White (male). Also 10+ Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 1 Comma and 1 Speckled Wood. On a more general note, I'm seeing large numbers of Bee-flies this Spring - more than I can remember for a long time."

Richard Wheeler sent this news : "Spent a lovely hour-and-a-half with my family in Finemere Wood, Bucks (SP719215) in warmish sunshine (c.15°C) on 22nd April yielded: 7 Orange-tip, 6 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Brimstone, 4 Green-veined White, 6 Peacock, 3 Speckled Wood, 1 exquisite Holly Blue and 1 Comma – together with a startled Jay, a big Hare we initially mistook for a Muntjac, and woodland densely and gloriously carpeted with bluebells."

John Warren sent these sightings : "Seen at Park United Reformed Church, Reading, Berks (SU738728) on 22nd April were a male Orange-tip and a female Holly Blue."

David Gantzel sent these sightings : "Seen at Windsor Great Park, Berks on 19th April were a male Orange-tip and a probable female."

Nick Bowles sent these sightings : "Seen at Aston Clinton Ragpits, Bucks on 19th April were Dingy Skipper, Orange-tip, Peacock and Comma. On 22nd April Small Copper at Coombe Hill, Bucks again along with my first Large Whites and Small Whites of the year and Speckled Wood - plus the usual stuff and a Dingy Skipper at Aston Clinton Ragpits, with Brimstones (a very much colder site - so far less activity there)."

~ 19th April 2017 ~

Tom Dunbar sent these sightings : "Terrific day at Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks (19th April) (SP960167) in contrast with my visit in cool conditions yesterday. 11 species including 1 Duke of Burgundy (Gully); 1 Grizzled Skipper (Inchcombe Hole); 1 Dingy Skipper (Inchcombe Hole); 4 Green-veined White; 11 Orange-tip; 10 Holly Blue; 14 Brimstone; 1 Comma; 2 Green Hairstreak; 11 Peacock; 2 Speckled Wood. Temperature spot checks all in full sun with digital laser thermometer: dead grass 28°C; anthill 38.4°C; primrose leaf 28.1°C; dried cattle dung 40°; air temp 13°C (estimated)."

Duke Of Burgundy, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Tom Dunbar)
Dingy Skipper, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Tom Dunbar)
Grizzled Skipper, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Tom Dunbar)
Duke Of Burgundy
Photo © Tom Dunbar
Dingy Skipper
Photo © Tom Dunbar
Grizzled Skipper
Photo © Tom Dunbar

Nicholl Williams sent this news : "I went to Ivinghoe Beacon, Bucks today (19th April). I walked down to the bottom of the hollow and saw 4 Green Hairstreaks flying together above the Hawthorn bushes. Also there were several Holly Blues, Orange-tips, Peacocks, Commas and a single Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone."

Green Hairstreak, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Orange-tip, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Holly Blue, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19-Apr-2017 (© Nicholl Williams)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Photo © Nicholl Williams
Holly Blue
Photo © Nicholl Williams

Colin Williams sent these sightings : "The butterfly transect at BBOWT’s Hartslock NR, Oxon on 19th April, in relatively calm and warm sunshine, produced 1 Dingy Skipper, 5 Green Hairstreak, 4 Orange-tip, 4 Brimstone, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock and 1 Comma. We also saw singles of Mother Shipton and Burnet Companion."

~ 18th April 2017 ~

Nick Bowles sent this news : "I walked my Coombe Hill, Bucks (SP847065) transect today (18th April) - despite the chill wind - in case the rest of the week is even less suitable and, to my surprise, saw Orange-tip, Green-veined White, Peacock and 2 Small Coppers. Both the Coppers were flushed from the relative warmth of the bare earth along the transect path. Despite a search of suitable nearby habitat, no early skippers could be found. It was only 11.8°C in the shade."

~ 15th April 2017 ~

David Hastings visited RSPB Otmoor, Oxon (SP569126) on 13th April and saw at least six Green-veined Whites, at least six male and one female Orange-tips and at least four Speckled Woods. "It was a pretty cloudy day so I hadn't expected to see any butterflies, but when the sun came out, butterflies appeared immediately along the old roman road". He also visited Aston Upthorpe Downs, Oxon (SU546838) on 15th April and saw one Grizzled Skipper, three Green-veined Whites, four male Orange-tips and three Small Tortoiseshell. "This is my earliest ever Grizzled Skipper sighting."

Green-veined White, Otmoor, 13-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Orange-tip ♀, Otmoor, 13-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Grizzled Skipper, Aston Upthorpe Downs, 15-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Green-veined White
Photo © David Hastings
Orange-tip ♀
Photo © David Hastings
Grizzled Skipper
Photo © David Hastings

David Fuller sent these sightings : "Seen on 12th April at Hosehill Pit, Reading, Berks (SU646698) were my first Green-veined White of the year (a male), 10 Orange-tip, Brimstone, Speckled Wood and 3 Holly Blue."

~ 11th April 2017 ~

David Hastings visited Aston Rowant NNR (north) (SU727968) on 9th April and saw eight Green Hairstreaks, 8 male and 6 female Brimstones, three Peacock, two male Orange-tips and two Holly Blues.

Green Hairstreak, Aston Rowant, 09-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Brimstone, Aston Rowant, 09-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Orange-tip, Aston Rowant, 09-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © David Hastings
Photo © David Hastings
Photo © David Hastings

~ 9th April 2017 ~

Margaret Bolton sent this sighting : "Two Green Hairstreaks seen on 9th April at Sands Bank LNR, Bucks (SU834934). They fluttered around the reserve gate above Adams Park grassy overflow car park, and one settled on a Wayfaring Tree. ID is certain, although I didn’t get a photo this time."

Neil Holman sent this news : "A mid-morning trip to Incombe Hole, Pitstone, Bucks on 9th April proved very fruitful with the following sightings; 6 Green Hairstreak, 2 Grizzled Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 5 Brimstone, 3 Orange-tip, 2 Comma and 4 Peacock. A later trip to Pitstone Chuch produced 3 Holly Blue and 2 Brimstone."

Green Hairstreak, Incombe Hole, 09-Apr-2017 (© Neil Holman)
Grizzled Skipper, Incombe Hole, 09-Apr-2017 (© Neil Holman)
Holly Blue, Incombe Hole, 09-Apr-2017 (© Neil Holman)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © Neil Holman
Grizzled Skipper
Photo © Neil Holman
Holly Blue
Photo © Neil Holman

Michael & Diane Hunt sent these sightings : "Seen at Buckingham, Bucks on 9th April were 4 Holly Blues, 3 Speckled Woods, 3 Brimstone, 1 Large White, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 4 Orange-tips."

John Lindley sent these sightings : "At Moor Copse, Berks on April 9th - 30+ Orange-tip, mostly male, and all too active to photograph. Also 10+ Brimstone (including 2 females), 10+ Green-veined White, 1 very tatty Comma, and 1 female Holly Blue. I was surprised not to see any Speckled Woods. Later in my garden in South Stoke, Oxon 1 male Holly Blue, 1 Small White, and 1 Peacock."

Brimstone, Moor Copse, 09-Apr-2017 (© John Lindley)
Photo © John Lindley

Louis Powell sent this news : "At the Hartslock reserve, Oxon (SU616795) on April 9th I saw a Holly Blue and two Green Hairstreaks."

David Fuller sent these sightings : "Seen on 9th April at Summerleaze fields, Berks (SU890824) were 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Comma, 3 Brimstone, 3 Holly Blue, 5 Speckled Wood and 8 male Orange-tip. In my garden in Maidenhead, Berks both female Holly Blue and female Orange-tip, the first females of these species in my garden this year. In the late afternoon I saw 4 male Orange-tips flying together en masse, I think the arrival of a female in the garden had something to do with it! Never seen four like this before."

Tony Croft sent this news : "I visited Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon on the morning of April 9th hoping for an early sighting of a Green Hairstreak and was rewarded with sightings of two in the hawthorn and bramble scrub on the lower slopes to the north-east of the motorway (SU727968)."

Green Hairstreak, Aston Rowant NNR, 09-Apr-2017 (© Tony Croft)
Green Hairstreak
Photo © Tony Croft

Steve Johnson sent these sightings : "On 8th April I saw the following in Abingdon, Oxon (in the Southern Town Park and the area beyond Abingdon Tennis Club): Holly Blue (3), Peacock (5), Brimstone (1m), Speckled Wood (1), Orange-tip (3m, 2f)."

John Lindley sent this news : "Whilst walking the dogs on the footpaths around South Stoke, Oxon on 8th April I saw 10+ Peacocks, 3 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Comma, 10+ Brimstones (2 females, the rest males) and 1 male Green-veined White. Then later in my garden in South Stoke, 1 male and 1 female Orange-tip."

Charlie Jackson sent this news : "In Incombe Hole, Bucks on 8th April I saw a single Grizzled Skipper, 4 Peacocks and an Orange-tip, plus several Brimstones. At Pitstone Churchyard, Bucks there were 2 Holly Blues and a Speckled Wood."

David Fuller sent these sightings : "Seen on 8th April at Marsh Meadow, Bucks (SU893869) were Red Admiral, Peacock, 4 Orange-tip and 3 Brimstone."

Brian Clews sent these sightings for 7th April (via David Fuller):
"At Fifield, Berks (SU900770): 2 male Brimstone.
At Furze Platt, Berks (SU870825): 1m Orange-tip.
At Strande Lane, Cookham, Berks (SU885842): 1 Peacock, 2m Orange-tip.
At Strand Water, Cookham, Berks (SU892845): 4m Orange-tip, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell.
At Widbrook Common, Berks (SU895840): 1 Holly Blue, 1m Orange-tip."

David Pugh sent these sightings (via David Fuller): "On 7th April at woods near Cox Green, Berks (SU870783) : 7 Orange-tip, 4 Small White and a Peacock."

~ 8th April 2017 ~

Paul Busby sent these sightings: "On 6th April I had a quick half hour visit to Aston Rowant (N), Oxon and saw 2 Peacocks and a female Brimstone."

Janet Parker sent this news: "Yesterday (14th March) we had at least four, if not five, Small Tortoiseshells on heather in our garden in Wantage, Oxon."

~ 5th April 2017 ~

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen on 5th April in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks : Orange-tip, Comma, Peacock and Brimstone.
At Marsh Meadow, Cookham, Berks (SU893869) : 2 Small Tortoiseshell and Speckled Wood."

Michael Pitt-Payne sent this news: "I saw my first Holly Blue of the season at St John's Churchyard, Stone, Bucks (SP783122) on Saturday 1st April at 4pm."

Paul Busby sent this news: "I visited Ardley Quarry, Oxon on 3rd April and saw 2 male Brimstones, a Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacocks and 3 Commas. Also a Holly Blue in Waddeson, Bucks (SP746168)."

Brian Clews sent these sightings (via David Fuller):
30th March - my garden at Broomhill, Bucks (SU832847) : 1 male Brimstone , 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell.
30th March - Tidmarsh, Bucks (SU635750) : 1 male Brimstone.
30th March - Upper Basildon, Berks (SU595762) : 1 male Brimstone , 1 Large White.
1st April - Hedsor Garden Centre, Bucks (SU900865) : 2 male Brimstone , 1 Red Admiral, 1 male Orange-tip.
3rd April - Thriftwood Farm, Maidenhead, Berks (SU870785) : 3 Red Admirals, 1 male Brimstone , 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Peacock."

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen on 3rd April in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks (SU900833) : my first Small White of the year.
At Jubilee River, Berks (SU914804): Speckled Wood, a first for me at this site."

Paul Busby sent these sightings: "On 2nd April I saw 2 Commas and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Alderglade, Uxbridge, Bucks (TQ055855)."

~ 2nd April 2017 ~

Rikki Harrington sent this news: "I know I’m not the first, but I saw my first Orange-tip (male) at 4.30pm on 1st April in my garden in Ivinghoe Aston, Bucks. This is the earliest I’ve seen Orange-tip since 2012 (29th March). Latest was 13th May (1988). Recording since 1988."

David Hastings saw and photographed a Small White at his allotment in Abingdon, Oxon (SU488987) on April 1st. "Not a bad picture considering it was taken with a mobile phone camera."

Orange-tip, Ivinghoe Aston, 01-Apr-2017 (© Rikki Harrington)
Small White, Abingdon, 01-Apr-2017 (© David Hastings)
Photo © Rikki Harrington
Small White
Photo © David Hastings

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen on 31st March in Maidenhead, Berks :
In my garden (SU900833): male Orange-tip, Comma.
At Sheephouse Road (SU898834): Peacock.
At Cox Green (SU865793): Brimstone in my friend's garden.
At Ockwells Lane, Cox Green (SU876790): Small Tortoiseshell.
Seen on 2nd April in Maidenhead, Berks :
In my garden (SU900833): male Holly Blue, Peacock and male Orange-tip.
Summerleaze fields (SU892824): Speckled Wood, my first of the year."

John Holdbrook sent these sightings: "On March 28th I saw a Speckled Wood between Heyford Hill and Littlemore Roundabout, Oxford (SP535030), and on March 30th, a Brimstone, 3 Commas and an Orange-tip in the same area. Also on 30th I saw a Peacock and 3 Small Tortoiseshells in Iffley Meadows, Oxford."

~ 30th March 2017 ~

David Hastings visited Oxford University Parks, Oxon (SP513073) on 30th March and saw one male Brimstone, three Small Tortoiseshells, two Commas, a Speckled Wood and a male Orange-tip."

Speckled Wood, Oxford, 30-Mar-2017 (© David Hastings)
Speckled Wood
Photo © David Hastings

David Fuller sent this sighting: "On 30th March saw my first Orange-tip of the year on the towpath at Maidenhead, Berks (SU906834)."

Michael Hunt sent this sighting: "On 30th March my wife Diane saw her first Orange-tip of the year at Padbury, Bucks."

Jan Dunn sent this news: "On 30th March a male Green-veined White settled on Dandelion beside the footpath along the edge of Virginia Water Lake on the Berkshire side of the county boundary (SU966693)."

Martin Kincaid sent these sightings: "Sat outside the Visitor Centre and café at Howe Park Wood SSSI, Milton Keynes, Bucks this afternoon (30th March), I saw a pristine male Orange-tip go by, my first of the season. There were also lots of Brimstones and Peacocks, and a single Comma active at the edge of the wood”."

Jan Haseler sent this news: "I had a fresh-looking Red Admiral in my Tilehurst, Reading, Berks moth trap last night (29/30 March). Evidence of migration?"

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen on 28th March at Braywick Park, Maidenhead, Berks (SU896797): Small Tortoiseshell and male Holly Blue (both firsts of the year for me), also one male Brimstone."

Graham Elcombe sent this news: "28th March: At least eight Small Tortoiseshells, and three Peacocks on the Chiltern Way path, west of Latimer, Bucks."

Ian Gamble sent these sightings: "28th March at College Lake, Bucks (SP925155): During the afternoon sunshine one Green-veined White, two Comma, three Peacock, two Small Tortoiseshell and two Brimstone."

This news was received from Derek Haynes: "Seen today (28th March) up at the allotments at Bell Farm (Eton Wick, Berks) (SU950789): my first Large White and Small White of the season (as well as a Peacock). Also of interest at the same location (and somewhat unexpectedly): a rather faded-looking Painted Lady on 26th March."

David Gantzel sent these sightings: "Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell at Hazlemere, Bucks on March 27."

~ 28th March 2017 ~

John Lerpiniere sent this sighting: "A male Orange-tip was seen at Fobney, Reading, Berks (SU703709) on 26th March."

Michael Hunt sent this news: "Seen at Stowe landscape gardens, Bucks on 26th March were 1 Large White (my first for 2017) and one Brimstone."

Peter Edwards sent this sighting: "A Speckled Wood was basking on the hedges surrounding the Morrisons car park, Whitley, Reading, Berks on 27th March at 4.05pm."

Mike Flemming sent these sightings: "A visit to Dry Sandford Pit, Cothill, Oxon on 26th March found a single rather small male Orange-tip patrolling the length of the quarry face. Other species seen included Peacock, Comma, and Brimstone. I have written an account of my visit at www.ukbutterflies.co.uk".

Richard Soulsby sent this news: "Very pleased to see a Holly Blue in my garden in Benson, Oxon (SU620915) today. My first non-hibernator of the year, although I see I’ve just missed it being a ‘first sighting’ for the UTB area."

Michael McNeill sent these sightings: "Pleased to report my first sighting of the year of a male Orange-tip on 27th March in my garden in Upper Basildon, West Berkshire. Additionally, this month 4 Brimstone, 1 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 3 Comma and 2 Small Tortoiseshells."

Pete Thompson sent this news: "Very surprised last week (23rd March) to see an adult Specked Wood in my garden in Wyfold, South Oxon (SU689817); initially fluttering around in the (unheated) greenhouse; I took it outside, and allowed it to warm up the sunshine, and then despite the cold easterly wind, it flew off unaided." [NB this doesn't count as a first sighting because the butterfly was found in the greenhouse]

~ 26th March 2017 ~

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks (SU900833) on 26th March were male and female Brimstones, Comma, Red Admiral and Peacock. At Summerleaze fields, Maidenhead, Berks (SU888831) I saw two Commas and two Brimstones."

Steve Johnson sent this news: "On March 26th at 4.30pm I saw a Holly Blue fluttering around a yew tree in the garden of the Rose Revived pub, Newbridge, Oxon."

Michael Hunt sent these sightings: "March 25th: one Comma and one Brimstone in Winslow, Bucks at 11am."

David Gantzel sent these sightings: "March 25th: Comma in garden in Hazlemere, Bucks, and male Brimstone in Cookham churchyard, Berks."

David Fuller sent these sightings: "Seen in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks (SU900833) on 25th March: Male Brimstone.
On the River Thames towpath (SU906834): 3 male Brimstones, one Comma and one Red Admiral (Very tatty. My first of the year).
At Nettlebed, Oxon (SU703867): two male Brimstone together.
At Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxon (SU618893): two male Brimstone together.
At Oakley Wood, Bucks (SU635885) while driving: two male Brimstones within 100 yards of each other."

David Hastings visited Otmoor, Oxon (SP569126) on 25th March and saw three male Brimstones, two Small Tortoiseshells and a Red Admiral. He also saw a Peacock in remarkably good condition nectaring on grape hyacinth flowers in his garden in Abingdon, Oxon (SU587907)."

Peacock, Abingdon, 25-Mar-2017 (© David Hastings)
Small Tortoiseshell, Otmoor, 25-Mar-2017 (© David Hastings)
Photo © David Hastings
Small Tortoiseshell
Photo © David Hastings

~ 16th March 2017 ~

Nick Hollis sent these sightings: "Seen at the University of Reading, Berks Harris Garden (SU737714) on 15th March were 4 Brimstones, 2 Peacocks and 1 Comma. They were on the flower beds and flying into the adjacent Wilderness area."

David Fuller sent this news: "Three Brimstones in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks (SU900833) today (15th March): 2 males and a female (my first female of the year)."

~ 14th March 2017 ~

Ian Gamble sent this news: "On 13th March at College Lake, Bucks (SP925155) at about 15:30 I found a Painted Lady sunning itself on the main pathway at the furthest most point from the visitors centre. It remained there for several minutes and I managed to get a picture on my iphone. This is the earliest date I have recorded this species in Britain."

David Hastings visited the University Parks, Oxford, Oxon (SP513073) at lunchtime on 13th March and saw at least six male Brimstones, four Commas, two Small Tortoiseshells and a Peacock."

John Holdbrook sent this news: "On March 13th, on the track by the Oxford Ring Road between Littlemore roundabout and just after Heyford Hill, Oxon (about SP532029), I saw 4 Brimstones (allowing for double sightings), 5 Commas and a white (possibly a Small White). This has been a good area for butterflies in the past. I also saw a Brimstone in Iffley, Oxford."

Wendy & Mick Campbell sent the following: "Yesterday, 13th March in the warm and sunny weather we recorded 27 butterflies of 5 species: a Small Tortoiseshell in our garden in Chearsley, Bucks, then in Bernwood and Waterperry Woods, Bucks: Peacock (4), Red Admiral (1 nectaring on Sallow flowers), Brimstone (6) and Comma (15). Also a small Grass Snake and a Common Lizard sunbathing on the bank of a ditch in Bernwood."

Painted Lady, College Lake, 13-Mar-2017 (© Ian Gamble)
Small Tortoiseshell, Oxford, 13-Mar-2017 (© David Hastings)
Painted Lady
Photo © Ian Gamble
Small Tortoiseshell
Photo © David Hastings

~ 12th March 2017 ~

Richard Hicks sent this sighting: "I saw a Red Admiral flying down Marlow High St, Bucks at around lunchtime on Sunday 5th March."

Roger Newman sent this news: "My first Brimstone (male) of the year seen yesterday (9th March) at noon along a south facing hedgerow near Milton-under-Wychwood, Oxon (SP263169)."

David Fuller sent these sightings: "I saw a Comma and a male Brimstone in my garden in Maidenhead, Berks (SU900833) on 9th March. On the same day at Odney Island, Cookham, Berks (SU901855) I saw a male Brimstone, a Comma and a Peacock".

Brian Clews sent these sightings on 9th March:
"At Cookham Moor car park, Berks (SU895855): a male Brimstone (taken by a Magpie), and two female Brimstones.
At Marsh Meadow pond, Berks (SU892867) : one Peacock, one Comma.
At Cookham, Berks (SU880855) : two male Brimstones.
At Whyteladyes Lane, Cookham, Berks (SU880845) : four male Brimstones, one Small Tortoiseshell"

~ 9th March 2017 ~

David Hastings visited Dry Sandford Pit, Oxon (SU467995) at lunchtime on 9th March and saw at least three Commas, a male Brimstone and a Peacock."

Peacock, Dry Sandford Pit, 09-Mar-2017 (© David Hastings)
Photo © David Hastings

Other sightings reported on 9th March:

    Lucy Kanachowski saw a Brimstone fluttering around her garden in Aylesbury, Bucks this morning. She also saw a pair of Commas in the afternoon.

    Phil Foxon reported Brimstones on the wing at Twyford, Bucks.

    David Gantzel saw two male Brimstones at Hazlemere, Bucks.

    Adrian Buckel saw one Brimstone, one Small Tortoiseshell and one Red Admiral in his garden at in Over Norton, Oxon (SP316284).

    Louis Powell saw one Small Tortoiseshell in his garden in Caversham, Berks .

~ 8th March 2017 ~

Louis Powell sent this sighting: "I saw a Brimstone fly across the back garden in Caversham, Berks around lunchtime on 20th February.

~ 5th March 2017 ~

David Hastings saw a Comma in his garden in Abingdon, Oxon at mid-day on 4th March."

~ 1st March 2017 ~

Chris Sayers sent this news: "A Small White came into my house in North Maidenhead, Berks on 24th February. It died later that evening so is a positive identification." [NB this doesn't count as a first sighting because the butterfly was only seen in Chris's house]

~ 26th February 2017 ~

Glenis Boxall sent this sighting: "A Small Tortoiseshell was by our front door at Farnham Royal, near Slough, Bucks, this morning (24th February). It flew off into the sunshine. My first sighting this year. "

~ 21st February 2017 ~

The mild and sunny weather on 20th February produced these sightings:

    Michael Pitt-Payne saw a Brimstone fly across his garden at 11am in Stone, Bucks.

    Diane Hunt saw a Small Tortoiseshell in Buckingham, Bucks.

    Dave Wilton saw three male Brimstones in his garden in Westcott, Bucks, Bucks before 11am: "They were patrolling an ivy hedge within which they had presumably been hibernating".

    Peter Edwards saw a Red Admiral in Savernake Forest, Bracknell, Berks: "It was flying low in amongst dead bracken and brambles along one of the forest rides".

    Nicholl Williams saw a Brimstone and a Peacock in Amersham Old Town, Bucks: "Good to see the first butterflies of the season".

    Don Stone saw Brimstones in Lee Common, Bucks and Latimer, Bucks.

~ 20th February 2017 ~

John Whitworth sent this sighting: "I saw my first Brimstone of the year in a friend's garden in Wolvercote, Oxford at 10:40am on 17th February."

~ 16th February 2017 ~

David Hastings saw his first butterflies of the year today: "Two Commas were out and about in the sunshine in the Oxford University Parks, Oxford at lunchtime on 16th February."

Comma, Oxford, 16-Feb-2017 (© David Hastings)
Photo © David Hastings

~ 14th February 2017 ~

Derek Wilkins sent this sighting: "Saw my first butterfly of the year on Monday 13th February at 12.25pm - a Red Admiral in perfect condition on the north side of Alexandra Gardens in Windsor, Berks. It stayed near where I was sitting for about 15 minutes, enjoying basking in the sunshine (as I was too!) with occasional short flights. Managed to get close a couple of times, not too surprised to see it as there was some shelter from the chilly breeze. Eventually after about 15 minutes it disappeared. "

Dave Turnbull sent this news: "I saw my first butterfly of the year today 13th Feb, a pristine-looking Red Admiral at Hockeridge woods near Ashley Green, Bucks. Conditions were sunny, windy and about 6C."

~ 11th February 2017 ~

Terry and Judy Wood sent this sighting: "We had our first butterfly of the year on Tuesday, 7th February - a Small Tortoiseshell on a sunny but very cool day in Little Chalfont, Bucks. It headed off over the woods towards the Chess Valley."

~ 3rd February 2017 ~

Peter Daltry sent this news: "Not quite the "full thing" yet but here is a photo of one of two Orange-tip pupae found in my Prestwood, Bucks garden on 1st February. One is attached to an oak sapling; the other on a gooseberry bush. Interestingly both are orientated exactly facing north, and are about 1 metre apart."

Orange-tip pupa, Prestwood, 01-Feb-2017 (© Peter Daltry)
Orange-tip pupa
Photo © Peter Daltry

Mary Payne sent this sighting: "A large, dark butterfly whizzed past me at the Weston Turville reservoir, Bucks on Tuesday Jan 24th (a very sunny day). I’m pretty sure it was a Peacock."

~ 22nd January 2017 ~

Steve Woolliams sent this sighting: "Pristine Red Admiral seen by Mary Woolliams and Douglas Finch at Larkrise Primary School, Oxford, Oxon at 3pm on 20th January. It was basking on a sunny wall."

~ 19th January 2017 ~

Peter Edwards sent this report: "This Red Admiral was sighted in Crowthorne Woods, Crowthorne, Berks, just after 1pm on Tuesday 17th January."

Red Admiral, Crowthorne Woods, 17-Jan-2017 (© Peter Edwards)
Red Admiral
Photo © Peter Edwards

~ 18th January 2017 ~

Martin Kincaid sent this sighting: "I saw my first butterfly of the year – a pristine Peacock – flying around the reed edge at Walton Lake, Milton Keynes, Bucks at 12.15 today (18th January). It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold so hopefully it soon found shelter again."

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