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Submission Guidelines for the Butterfly Sightings page

This sightings page is for butterfly reports from the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (the Upper Thames Branch of Butterfly Conservation). Send your sightings to . All contributions to the website (text and photographs) are welcome!

Please note that this Butterfly Sightings page is not intended to be a substitute for the detailed records held by the Butterfly Records Officer, so at the end of the year please submit all your records as outlined in the "Your Records" section of this website.

The Butterfly Sightings page is updated as often as possible, but if your report has not appeared after four days, please email again as it may have been lost in cyberspace!

The sightings that are posted are mostly unverified at the time of publishing, although reports and photos (including the sender's email address), may be forwarded to the Butterfly Records Officer or other UTB butterfly expert for butterfly photographs and other details to be checked.

Please make sure your report includes:


Before submitting photographs, please read the Privacy & Copyright Statement.

Please follow these guidelines:

David Hastings
May 2017

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