Committee Members and Contacts

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Main Committee


Nick Bowles
Vice Chairman and Conservation & Recording Chairman

Grahame Hawker
Honorary Secretary & Branch Contact

Dave Wilton
(25 Burnham Road, Westcott, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP18 0PL)
Honorary Treasurer

Chris Woodrow

Other Officers

Field Trip Organiser

Steph Rodgers
Membership Secretary

Brenda Mobbs
Garden Recording Co-ordinator

Emma Turnbull
Churchyard Recording Co-ordinator

Emma Turnbull
10K Square Co-ordinator

Jan Haseler
Transect & WCBS Co-ordinator

Mike Wilkins
Newsletter Editor

Dave Ferguson
(21 Amersham Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2HA)
Butterfly Records Officer

Jim Asher
Species Champion Co-ordinator

Nick Bowles

David Hastings

Moth Recorders & Moth Officers

County Moth Recorder - Berkshire

Martin Harvey
(Evermor, Bridge Street, Great Kimble, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP17 9TN)
Moth Conservation Officer - Berkshire

Mark Calway
County Moth Recorder - Buckinghamshire

Martin Albertini
(11 Hargrave Road, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 6JR)
Moth Conservation Officer - Buckinghamshire

County Moth Recorder - Oxfordshire

Martin Townsend
(26 Bartholomew Road, Oxford, OX4 3QQ)
Moth Conservation Officer - Oxfordshire

Vikki Rose

Species Champions

Adonis Blue Champion

Maureen Cross Email via
Black Hairstreak Champion

Stuart Hodges
Brown Hairstreak Champion

Dave Wilton
Chalk Hill Blue Champion

Nick Bowles
Dark Green Fritillary Champion

Dingy Skipper Champion

Dave Wilton
Duke of Burgundy Champion

Ched George
Grayling Champion

Des Sussex
Green Hairstreak Champion

Martin Kincaid
Grizzled Skipper Champion

David Hastings
Marsh Fritillary Champion

Jim Asher Email via
Purple Emperor Champion

Martin Robinson
Silver-spotted Skipper Champion

Richard Soulsby Email via
Silver-studded Blue Champion

Grahame Hawker
Silver-washed Fritillary Champion

Mick Campbell
Small Blue Champion

Karen Saxl
White Admiral Champion

Julia Huggins
White-letter Hairstreak Champion

Peter Cuss
Wood White Champion

Nick Board
Striped Lychnis Champion