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  • Your butterfly and moth records are essential to allow us to continue our conservation work. We welcome information on sightings from anywhere within our three counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Anyone can send in records, whether or not you are a member of Butterfly Conservation (if you are not a member we hope that you will seriously consider becoming one).

    A record can constitute any number of insects from one sighting upwards. Records should include a minimum of date, location (preferably with a six-digit grid reference or better), species and numbers seen. Records can be sent in annually or at more regular intervals if you prefer. They can be sent by post or by e-mail. Those of you who use specialist computer wildlife recording programmes such as MapMate should contact the appropriate Recorder first to arrange a file transfer.

    Records must be sent to the recorders for inclusion in our database, even if you have already sent the information to any of our Champions or to the Webmaster for the Sightings page.

    Butterfly Records

    All butterfly records for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire should be sent to the Butterfly Records Officer.

    Butterfly recording forms can be downloaded here as either Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF files. The recommended method is to use the Butterfly Records Spreadsheet.

    Butterfly Records Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Casual Butterfly Recording Form (PDF)

    Casual Butterfly Recording Form (Word)

    Butterfly Site Recording Form (PDF)

    Butterfly Site Recording Form (Word)

    Completed spreadsheets for Garden Surveys and Churchyard Surveys should be sent to the Garden and Churchyard Survey Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator will ensure all records are passed on to the Butterfly Records Officer (see above). If you can't use the spreadsheet, records can be sent in on paper using the PDF files.

    Butterfly Garden Survey Spreadsheet 2018 (Excel)

    Butterfly Garden Survey Form 2018 (PDF)

    Butterfly Churchyard Survey Spreadsheet 2018 (Excel)

    Butterfly Churchyard Survey Form 2018 (PDF)

    Moth Records

    Moth records for the three counties should be sent directly to the relevant County Moth Recorder. Click here for help on recording moths.

    County Moth Recorder for Berkshire

    County Moth Recorder for Buckinghamshire

    County Moth Recorder for Oxfordshire