Butterfly Sites in Oxfordshire

This map has been produced from the Ordnance Survey “Get-a-map” service. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

A Ardley Quarry SP537273 A Wildlife Trust reserve 4 miles northwest of Bicester. A cutting and former quarry adjacent to the Marylebone to Birmingham railway line. No car park. Park on the verge by the railway bridge at SP 534274 (Quarry Cottages Road, a no-through road off Somerton Road), from where the railway cutting can be accessed. Species include Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Green Hairstreak.
B Asham Meads SP593140 A Wildlife Trust reserve 5 miles south of Bicester and just west of Whitecross Green Wood. An area of wet grassland with a small oak copse and surrounding scrub. Car park at SP590144 off track through Whitecross Green and Manor Farms that leaves the unclassified road between Boarstall and Murcott at SP597152. Species include Black, Brown and Purple Hairstreak.
C Aston Rowant SU725970 A National Nature Reserve owned by Natural England. Two areas of chalk downland with some woodland on the edge of the Chilterns, one each side of the M40 motorway cutting 2 miles west of Stokenchurch, Bucks. Car park for Beacon Hill (north side) at SU732966 and for Bald Hill (south side) at SU727958, both signposted off the unclassified road to Christmas Common from the A40 west of Stokenchurch. Species include Grizzled Skipper, Silver-spotted Skipper, Chalk Hill Blue, Adonis Blue, Dark Green Fritillary.
D Aston Upthorpe Downs SU544834 A chalk downland site 3½ miles southeast of Didcot. Aston Downs SSSI is open access land under the right to roam legislation. No car park - suggested parking by the grain dryer at SU550844 on unclassified road off the A417 south of Aston Upthorpe village. Species include Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Small Blue, Green Hairstreak, Chalk Hill Blue.
E Chinnor Hill SP765005 A Wildlife Trust reserve 1 mile southeast of Chinnor. An area of beech woodland, scrub and chalk grassland on the edge of the Chilterns. Car park at SP766002 at the end of Hill Top Lane, a turning off the unclassified road between Chinnor and Bledlow Ridge. Species include Dark Green Fritillary.
F Foxholes SP253205 A Wildlife Trust reserve 6 miles north of Burford, part of which is leased from the Bruern Estate. An area of woodland and meadow adjacent to the River Evenlode. Car park at SP 254206, accessed by track at SP 260203 from the unclassified road between Milton-under-Wychwood and Bruern. Species include White Admiral.
G Hartslock SU617795 A Wildlife Trust reserve 1 mile southeast of Goring. An area of steep chalk downland overlooking the River Thames. Park on the verge at SU616796 (junction of track that leads to the reserve and unclassified no-through road that heads south-east from Goring railway station). Alternatively, park in Goring and walk along the Thames Path. Species include Adonis Blue, Chalk Hill Blue, Green Hairstreak.
H Piddington Wood SP629164 A Woodland Trust reserve 4 miles southeast of Bicester. An area of mixed woodland with an adjacent meadow. No car park , but there is a small lay-by on the B4011 at SP631164 right beside the entrance. Species include Black, Brown, Purple & White-letter Hairstreak, White Admiral, Purple Emperor.
J Swyncombe Downs SU678916 A PRIVATE chalk downland site 2 miles southwest of Watlington. ACCESS ONLY ALONG PUBLIC BYWAYS & FOOTPATHS. No car park. Suggested parking at SU671919 on the Ridgeway (open to vehicles), accessed from the unclassified road between Britwell Salome and Cookley Green at SU681922. Species include Small Blue, Green Hairstreak, Dark Green Fritillary.
K Sydlings Copse SP557095 A Wildlife Trust reserve 3½ miles northeast of Oxford. An area of deciduous woodland with some heath. Park on the verge at SP562101. Access via bridleway that leaves the B4027 at SP562101, between Stanton St John and Islip. Parking on the verge at this point (opposite the farm). Species include Brown Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Purple Emperor.
L Warburg Reserve SU720880 A Wildlife Trust reserve 4 miles northwest of Henley-on-Thames. An area of deciduous woodland in the Chilterns with some small areas of chalk grassland. Car park at SU721879 off unclassified road from Bix Bottom. Species include Grizzled Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Silver-washed Fritillary, Purple Emperor.
M Wytham Woods SP460085 A large PRIVATE woodland complex 3 miles northwest of central Oxford owned by Oxford University. Free PERMIT REQUIRED IN ADVANCE from the Conservator of Wytham Woods, valid for three years (apply online at www.wytham.ox.ac.uk/permit). Open 10am to dusk on weekdays and dawn to dusk at weekends. Car parks at SP486069 by Botley Lodge (close to the A34/A420 junction) and at SP469086 half a mile west of Wytham village. Species include Black, Brown & Green Hairstreak.
- Otmoor SP568129 An RSPB reserve 6½ miles NE of Oxford. A large wetland with scrub and deciduous trees. Park at SP569126 at the end of Otmoor Lane. Species include Black & Brown Hairstreak.
- Waterperry Wood SP606094 A Forest Enterprise wood 6¼ NE of Oxford. Park at the old entrance to Bernwood at SP608101. Species include Black & Brown Hairstreak, Purple Emperor, White Admiral.